Director. Cinematographer. Colorist.

Benjamin Allred

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Director || Cinematographer || Editor || 801.900.6931

About Me

There are four elements that I believe every Director should be. 

  • Editor
  • Problem Solver
  • Passionate
  • Communicator

Lucky enough, I am all four. I have now helped create 4 feature films with a 5th already booked. I have done numerous commercials and short films. All of these experiences have shown me what is effective and not effective as a Director. I know how to shoot for the edit which saves time on-set and in post. I always expect nothing to work right when making a film which is why I am prepared to keep the show moving and find alternative (but just as effective) ways to get it done. Any project I say "yes" to I am extremely passionate about. It is in forefront of my mind to make sure everything is done to the highest quality. Lastly and most importantly - communication is key. Being able to communicate effectively with actors and crew is what I have been doing for the past 7 years. 

Thank you so much for this opportunity on Outpost. If you need proof, take a look at my example work below:



Kurt Knight



Andrew Mecham



Nick Rush





Lurk is one of my most recent pieces of work. I had many roles on set, working as a Co-Director, Cinematographer, and Actor. I am proud of how the film turned out, but I am even more proud of the story behind it. This was created with a 0$ budget. We had just finished filming a full 14 hour commercial day and then went on to film this overnight. I constantly was problem solving due to all the limitations, but in the end I believe this stands as an entertaining/professional piece of work. 


Behind you is a feature film that I had the pleasure of shooting. Though I won't be credited, you can ask anyone on set that I stepped in as a third director. I believe you know Andrew Mecham very well and if you have any questions about my role in the process feel free to talk with him. I helped with refining the story process, working with actor's performances and shooting for the edit. Please note that this trailer is in a rough stage. It is not color graded, fully edited and without full sound and music. 

Password: mirrormirror


My role on this film was as the Cinematographer and Editor. Those two roles gave me a unique opportunity to work closely with the director and shoot for the edit. This wasn't the first time I've been able to do that either. All of those experiences have given me lots of time to study and practice the art of storytelling through editing and directing.

Password: TATufc


This commercial is one of my favorites to be able to uniquely show and tell the story of this company. I was the Director, Cinematographer, and Post Production Supervisor.


This was a music video that was fun to explore a narrative story within a montage-y feel. I Co-directed, DP'd and Edited.